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Controlled Opposition! -Tucker is out at Fox News.

On April 24th, it was made public that Fox News decided to "part ways" with Tucker Carlson. It seems suspicious that the decision to purge the Fox News giant came when it did. Is this part Fox News' assimilation to regime-controlled media? To many observers, it appeared that Fox News utilized their recent out-of-court settlement to scapegoat Carlson in an effort to get rid of Tucker but keep his audience. When Fox News ousts the highest-rated cable news show host in history from their ranks, when their business depends on ratings, something isn't right. Is Fox News now fully part of the controlled opposition? Viewers of Fox News have recourse. Stand with Tucker today, sign our petition and let Fox News know that we've decided to "part ways" with them.

We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Fox News or Mr. Tucker Carlson. Photo "Tucker Carlson" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Tucker Carlson

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A conservative coalition composed of organizations, PAC's, and media personalities has formed to emphatically rebuke Fox News and the leftists responsible for deplatforming Tucker Carlson at Fox News. The Stand With Tucker campaign is designed to inform the executives at Fox News that their viewers Stand with Tucker not with Fox. 

A day before Carlson's departure, on April 23rd, socialist squad member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez told former socialist White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki,
I believe that when it comes to broadcast television, like Fox News, these are subject to federal law, federal regulation in terms of what’s allowed on air and what isn't. When you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence — very clearly incitement of violence. And that is the line that we have to be willing to contend with.
That sounds like a thinly veiled threat. But Cortez's comments are consistent with the Democratic Party's leadership. On April 19, from the Senate floor, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned, 
"And two years after the presidential election, Fox News still lies about what happened in 2020. Not two months ago, Tucker Carlson claimed January 6th was not an insurrection, and using manipulated security footage provided to him exclusively by Speaker McCarthy. Fox News has not shown any remorse—any remorse—for undermining our democracy and blatantly lying.

Again, Rupert Murdoch’s legacy and Fox News’s legacy is sealed: they will forever be remembered as the ones who sought to break American democracy from within by lying about it.

For their own sake, even more importantly for the sake of our great country, Mr. Murdoch and Fox News’s leadership should put a halt to the spread of the Big Lie on their network."

The ambiguity surrounding the lawsuit lends Fox News heads plausible deniability, something they needed to purge the highest-rated cable news show host in history. Reacting to the news Steve Bannon said, "With this, I don’t know why anybody needs to watch anything on the Murdoch empire." We couldn't agree more. 

Viewers of Fox News have recourse. Stand with Tucker today, sign our petition and let Fox News know that you're "parting ways" with them.

What the members of our Conservative Coalition have said in the past about leftist attacks on Carlson:

Donald Trump Jr. joined the fight with this tweet: This is how to handle the outrage mob. Remember, even the most sincere apology means nothing to them. They want to break and ruin you. That’s their end goal.

Ed Rollins, Chairman of Great America PAC says, "Tucker Carlson is a gentleman, a great American, a devoted family man, an intellectual whose voice needs to be heard. Oh and he’s also a thinking conservative and thought leader which is why the liberals want to shut him down.”

James O’Keefe​, Founder of Project Veritas said “Our broken and corrupt media deserve no apologies. If we can’t trust their reporting why should we trust their outrage? Tell them to pound sand.”

Congressman Paul Broun said "Tucker Carlson is the most reasonable voice on television today. All Americans should Stand with Tucker."

Robert Morton, Publisher of World Tribune said "Tucker Carlson should be honored for upholding the Free Press against an assault by Soros-funded tools who seek to destroy him and America's founding principles." 

Ed Martin, Chairman of Phyllis Schalfly's Eagle PAC said, “Tucker Carlson is an effective and broadly heard voice for conservative values on so many issues that matter to America right now. Conservatives must not play the liberal game and fall for drummed up politically correct frenzies. Stand with Tucker.”

Tim Young, No Things Considered Host said "Even if Tucker apologized for what he said, it wouldn't make a difference to those who are pushing for this narrative. They don't actually care about what he said on shock jock radio; they care about what he says on his show every night and the influence he has on American politics..."

Alan Gottlieb, Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation said, "The left is at war with Constitution. They use the same deplatforming tactics to attack the First and Second Amendments. They create faux outrage to punish advertisers, retailers, broadcasters who dare do business with anyone who doesn't subscribe to their liberal worldview. It must stop. I stand with Tucker."

Eric Brakey, founder of the Free Maine Campaign said, “Under the new regime of politics correctness, everyone is guilty. If we allow them to convict and destroy Tucker Carlson for thoughtcrime today, it will be every wrong-thinking conservative’s head on the chopping block tomorrow.”

Col. ​Rob Maness, ret., founder of Gator PAC said, "We stand with Tucker Carlson. We will push back on all the attacks by the left-wing socialist media and their cohorts on social media to shame any American or attempt to cause them to lose their job."

Amy Kremer, Women Vote Trump said, "I may not always agree with everything that Tucker says, or has said in the past, I support his strong conservative voice. He is not a follower of group think and that is something I respect. I’m sick of the mob mentality where if you don’t fall in line, they are out to destroy you. This is America and if we disagree, then agree to disagree and stop trying to destroy those who don’t agree. This is nothing more than a Media Matters hit job to take down a conservative voice. If we don’t stand strong, they will take us down one by one. I stand with Tucker Carlson and will never bow to the mob."

James S. Robbins, author of Erasing America: Losing Our Future By Destroying Our Past said "It's funny how leftists are acting outraged by what Tucker said when we know they are in fact gleeful that they have found a cudgel to beat him with. Their faux outrage is really quite amusing. But I doubt anyone takes these people and their 'deeply offended' shtick seriously."

Andrew Ollis, Publisher at Believe Media said "Tucker is a target of the insane left because he is so effective. Media Matters picked on the wrong guy this time, it will be fun to watch Tucker annihilate them."

Larry Ward, Organizer of the Stand with Tucker Coalition and the President of Constitutional Rights PAC said “Don't forget  the disturbing intimidation tactics by Antifa protestors surrounding Tucker Carlson’s home terrorizing his family, chanting, ‘Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night’. Media Matters is Antifa with a bigger budget.”
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